Kaablitester, RJ45 + BNC

Kaablitester, RJ45 + BNC
Tootja: Digitus Digitus
Saadavus: Tarne 1...14 tööpäeva.
Hind: 157.99 € 119.40 €
Maksudeta: 99.50 €
Kogus:  Lisa ostukorvi
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Cable Tester, Network, RJ45, BNC

* Cable tester with sound generator, network tester and port ID finder
* 2 x RJ45 connections
* Remote unit with 1x RJ45 connection
* Manual or automatic test execution
* Tests: Continuity, assignment, shielding, pairing as per EIA/TIA 356A / 568A / 568B / Token Ring
* 2-digit, 7-segment display shows the ID for the selected remote unit
* Display of the network type and network speed
* Sound generator for detected defective cables (Tracer not included!)
" Terminator loopback test, cable measurement with up to 25 remote units
" Automatic cable identification
" Package includes 25 remote ID modules

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