Kaablitester, RJ45 + BNC

Kaablitester, RJ45 + BNC
Tootja: Digitus Digitus
Mudel: DN-14001
Saadavus: 1
Hind: 43.01 € 25.80 €
Maksudeta: 21.50 €
Kogus:  Lisa ostukorvi
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Cable Tester

Specifically designed for quick and easy testing of your network cables
* Test function for cables with RJ45, RJ12, RJ11 and BNC plug
* Auto-scan and step by step testing
* Loop-back: for testing and localising of already laid network or communication cables
* Continuity: for continuity testing of network or communication cables
* Open: for localising of disconnected single wires
* Shorts: locating of short-circuited single wires
* Miss-wire: identification of non-conform wire assignment
* Pin to pin configuration: 1:1 assignment testing
* Main device with 2x RJ45 jack, remote unit with 1x RJ45 jack
* Various LEDs for status display, operates with 9 Volt block battery
* Includes two-language manual and modular BNC adapter

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