KVM-USB jagaja, 2PCS, 1,2m

KVM-USB jagaja, 2PCS, 1,2m
Tootja: Digitus Digitus
Mudel: DS-11404
Saadavus: Tarne 1...14 tööpäeva.
Hind: 43.81 € 28.20 €
Maksudeta: 23.50 €
Kogus:  Lisa ostukorvi
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KVM-USB jagaja, 2PCS, 1,2m, EOL

This KVM combines a standard KVM switch with a data link cable. Copy easily files via “Drag and Drop” using the Picture in Picture function from one PC to another. Using only one set of keyboard, mouse, monitor and speaker for two PCs makes this product to the optimal solution for handling two PCs.

* Access two PCs with one set of keyboard, mouse, monitor and speaker
* Perform Data Transfer between two computers
* Data Link function conforms to the High Speed USB specification
* Compatible to USB 1.1/2.0 specifications
* Supports PIP function
* Select PCs by using push button or Hot -key commands or software application
* Independent switching of KVM and Audio
* Max. resolution is up to 2048x1536 pixels
* Supports DDC, DDC2, and DDC2B.
* No external power supply needed
* Integrated cable set, length 1,2m
* Dimensions (LxWxH, weight): 82x88x25mm, 355g
* Supports Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP

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